Fleece Jacket XENA

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Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe with Our Female Zipper Pocket Fleece Jacket - Ultimate Comfort and Style in One!

• 🔹 Material: 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex for quality.

• 🔹 Fleece Pocket: Keeps your hands warm and offers storage.

• 🔹 Soft and Stretchy Fabric: Ensures comfort and flexibility.

• 🔹 Zip-up closure and drop shoulder design for a relaxed fit

• 🔹 Suitable for work, parties, and weekends with a T-shirt and jeans.

• 🔹 Crafted with high-quality material for a soft and cozy touch.

• 🔹 Over 40,000+ happy clients review.

Luxury Style

Upgrade your winter wardrobe with our Women's Zipper Pocket Fleece Jacket. Made with premium material for a soft and snug feel, it's ideal for work, gatherings, and weekends. Feel effortlessly stylish when you wear this classic piece.

Comfortable and Breathable

Carefully selected fabrics make our jackets comfortable and breathable in any season. The slim fit design and stretchable material ensure comfort and flexibility no matter what activity you are up to!

Perfect for Everywhere

With its zip-up closure, drop shoulder design, fleece pocket, and supreme quality construction, this coat is designed to keep you warm in style! It's suitable for every occasion, so layer it up with a t-shirt or casual dress for a fashionable look wherever you go.


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Verified Purchaser

Emma W.

I love this fleece! Super soft, perfect for work or casual outings. The drop shoulder and zip-up closure add a stylish touch. A winter wardrobe is essential!

Verified Purchaser

Alexis C.

Versatile and luxurious! Slim design, easy zip-up, and lifesaving pockets Ideal for weekends or a night out. I found my go-to winter jacket!

Verified Purchaser

Olivia M.

A must-have for the season! Incredibly comfortable, great craftsmanship. No pilling or fading. I love the color options. A winter wardrobe staple!

Verified Purchaser

Liam D.

Top-notch quality! Practical zippered pockets and flexible design. Wife's go-to jacket for any occasion. Thumbs up for this winter gem!

Verified Purchaser

Sophie H.

Impressive attention to detail! Laid-back feel with drop shoulders and brilliant fleece pockets Perfect for warmth without sacrificing style. Highly satisfied!

Verified Purchaser

Mason G.

Comfort meets style! Soft, environmentally friendly material. flat, slim design for different events. The brand delivers on quality and design. many thumbs up!

55,00EUR 39,99EUR