High Waist Leak Proof Panties COMFY

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5 PCS Panties Set

24-hour strong antibacterial close protection, itching-free life, ultimate comfort with maximum coverage

• ✅ Upgraded 3 layers for comfort, bacteria, and itching protection

• ✅ Premium grade fabric with 30-50 ml liquid absorption system

• ✅ Odor-suppressing textiles prevent bad smells from spreading

• ✅ Machine washable many times doesn’t lose its quality

• ✅ Average of 3 years long-lasting history

• ✅ Over 40,000+ happy clients review

1. Comfortable To Wear

The leakproof close-to-the-skin panties are so soft to wear. It has three layers of leakproof material. The 92% nylon and 8% spandex blend are so comfortable wearing them. Breathable antibacterial mash ventilation will always make you feel clean and dry. Also don’t allow wet your body.

2. Hygroscopic and Leakproof Layer

This panty is made with 3 layers of leakproof materials. The inner layer is a comfortable fabric layer that keeps close to your skin and gives you a comfortable feeling. The mid-layer is a waterproof layer that locks 30-50 ml liquid into it and the external layer breathable antibacterial layer.

3. Washable and Reusable

Our high waist leakproof panties are machine-washable and reusable many times. You can wash them as many times as you wish and these panties won’t lose their quality and effectiveness. You don’t have to use pads or tampons that save you money as well. It will be a great gift idea!


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It's cool, the fabric is nice, the figure is fine


Such high quality and prettiest colors…ordered 10 pairs for myself and my sis in law. So satisfied. They have full coverage for front part that is the best.


The product is fully consistent with the description, the fabric seems to be thick, but it is stretch


The quality is very nice. The fabric is fleshy, elastic, the thread does not stick out, the color is the same, in place of the 'protection' type it is rubbing, but not strong, it is not felt on the body.


Excellent quality, pleasant material for the skin. All recommendations!


I bought it for my sister's birthday, and when I saw how great they were, I immediately bought it for myself.

40,99EUR 29,99EUR